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Kristen [Wiig], Tina [Fey], and Melissa [Mc Carthy]. But I got the okay from my dad, who is a business professional. The good thing is I never feel like I'm complaining or talking about my job too much. Having foreign parents and a weird name didn't help. My family moved a lot, often in the middle of the school year, and I would have to make new friends. But I think comedy is a more effective way of getting a message out. I would get sawed in half or flail around in a little dance. Manicure: Roseann Singleton using Chanel La Vernis. There's something about them that I think is so funny. I always turn it on, and my friends are like, "Why are we watching this? Makeup: Tina Turnbow using Lancôme at Crosby Carter Management. Props for calling out the "cruel bully dickheads" on Twitter who suggested you were pregnant. I felt like I was betraying myself not to say anything.


And this is just a reminder that this is a subjective list and you can have your own list that looks nothing like this list. Though, I do plan on still writing about the show from time to time and will continue the podcast.The second-generations celebs stopped by the set of SNL this Saturday where they visited Ireland's dad Alec.The models flanked the actor, 59, who was in costume as US President Donald Trump for a photo which the daughter of Kim Basinger captioned: 'Take your daughters to work day.'Though Ireland, 22, and Sailor, 19, might be as close as sisters, Brinkley-Cook hails from another famous family, the daughter of supermodel Christie Brinkley and architect Peter Cook. (Vanessa Bayer) Andrew Fitzsimons using Oribe at ABTP.


Second, Alec Baldwin’s Trump impression has more than played itself out, for a whole host of reasons, and even the earlier stuff just doesn’t seem quite as pointed anymore. He was the first, but they were all great in their own ways. My parents are both very funny, and my brother has great timing.


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