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That's proof she's an asset to society and should be CI— Britt Waters (@Its Britt Waters) November 21, 2017helped change how Tennessee sentences children.At Allen’s house, she discovered numerous guns and feared for her life.Later that night, while in bed together, Brown shot him in the head.

The Cyntoia Brown case began in 2004, poor girl is now in her 20s 😕.The advert states that “EU delivery is free” but may “take time”.Today Chloe’s lawyer said any suggestion that she lied about being kidnapped was “evil”.A documentary film spotlighting the injustices faced by Cyntoia Brown has renewed conversations around her imprisonment.

In 2004, when Cyntoia Brown was a 16-year-old victim of abuse, rape, and sex trafficking, a 43-year-old man solicited her to be his child sex slave.

The advert was included in a rambling email sent to this newspaper and other publishers several weeks ago, two days after her abduction.


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